January 2015

Dance, dance, dance, dance, keep on dancing...

There were lots of changes and happenings in 2014 for PS Animal and myself. We saw several of our beloved animal family members, as well as clients' animal family members, make their transitions back into spirit. My beloved partner dog was diagnosed with liver cancer. In addition to this, two of my dogs I train for different sporting activities were showing signs of nearing retirement. My office manager of 5 years, Phyllis, decided to retire so she could devote more time to crafts and gardening. Julie joined our staff for a brief time. About the same time a long time mentor-veterinarian announced she was going to retire. Honestly with "retirement" feeling like a common theme going on, I began to wonder if the Universe was trying to tell me it was time for me to retire PS Animal and do something else.

I had thought long and hard about it over the summer. Even shed some tears at what felt like losses in my life, but as usual the animals call me back to the only profession that feels like a true fit for me. As a dear horse client once said, "The winds of change are but a vehicle of growth. Enjoy the dance that takes you to your next destination."

The dance of change has brought in Gandalf the Grey (our African grey parrot) and Bartholomew (our grey and white kitty youngester). We welcome Mitzi, as our new Office Manager. Mitzi is a long time animal lover, sharing her home with two dogs and feline family member.

This 2015, as the song goes ...
"If you get a chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you'll dance."

In Kinship,

Gandalf showing us how to move with the winds of change. Go bird!



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