Available Services

Patty Summers is available for private consultations by phone or mail. Private consultations allow you to get your animal friend's point of view on such issues as health, behavioral concerns, and living in the spirit world. She is also available to conduct workshops and lectures. How A Consult Works Telepathic communication comes in the form of seeing, hearing, knowing, and feeling. Using telepathic communication, Patty tunes into the animals thoughts and feelings and translates them for the person. Patty sends thoughts through pictures and/or feelings to the animal. Because telepathic communication is not something physically heard, the majority of consults are done over the phone. It is through the relationship the person has with the animal that Patty is able to tune into the animal. Patty prefers to speak to a person who has a relationship with or knows the animal well. At the beginning of the consult, Patty will ask for a description of the animal(s) in order to give her focus. If a person wants insight about an animal they have no relationship with, then a photo of the animal is requested for the consult. What to Expect You will receive the animal's perspective, how they see things. You will not get "I've have this specific illness" if you are calling concerning health reasons. Instead, you will get how the animal feels. With behavioral issues, you will get insight into the animal's reasons for their behavior, and, when possible, Patty gives suggestions to create harmony for the person and animal.

How to Set-up a Session

Our Schedule Now button lets you select your appointment time and date, fill in your information, pay through PayPal and have your appointment confirmed within 20 minutes! (Please note, that when you use our “Schedule Now” button your payment is processed immediately.) Our online scheduler only shows openings within the next 21 days. Call or email our office or check back if you get a message saying there are no appointments available or you want an appointment after the next 28 days.

Or you can schedule a session with Patty by calling, writing, or sending an email to Patty's office. An exact date and time will be selected for your session and arrangements for payment will be made. Payments must be made within 48 hours to keep your apppointment time.


The appointment time is to be scheduled prior to payment. Payment is made in advance of the session online through PayPal or by check. (You do not need a PayPal account in order to pay with your credit card through PayPal.) The fee for phone and mail consultations is $115 for up to 45 minutes and includes a link to a downloadable MP3 audio recording of your consultation. The one hour consultation is $150 and includes the link to the downloadable MP3 recording. Emergency consultations lasting up to 20 minutes are ONLY available for established clients with prior approval. The emergency consultation fee is $70 and does not include an MP3 download link.

You may order a CD recording of your consultation for an additional charge of $15 which includes shipping and handling within U.S. Please add $5 for CD's shipped outside of the US. Orders for a CD recording of the consultation must be placed prior to the consultation.

Cancellation Policy

We require at least 24 hours advance cancellation notice in order to refund your consult fee. Thank you for your consideration.

Calling at Your Scheduled Time

You will be given Patty's consult phone number (different than the office number) for you to call at the time of your appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Your Consultation

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