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Talking With The Animals is an endearing book which tells stories of Patty's experiences with various animals. The short stories are endearing and have life lessons and provide valuable insight into animal communication. (Book)

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Reawakening to Animal Communication leads you through the basic steps of animal communication, provides a guided meditation and enlightening discussion focusing on how to talk 'with' the animals, rather than talking 'to' them. (DVD or VHS)

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Communicating with Animals helps you develop your animal communication skills with your animal friends through this verbally - guided exercise. (CD)

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Communicating With The Animals


"LifeWithDog" has a PS Animal Communications department.

"LifeWithDog" is now making t-shirts and sweatshirts with the PS Animal logo on the front in a variety of colors and sizes. The back of the t-shirts feature animal's words of wisdom.

Select the saying you want on the back of your t-shirt:


"I wish you peace as you walk your walk."


"There is thunder in our hearts and wings on our feet."

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PS Animal Matted Prints at "LifeWithDog"

Each matted print contains words of wisdom from an animal (see below). "LifeWithDog" will print your selected saying with a mat color you decide.

Open and Faithful Hearts by a dog

Thunder in Our Hearts by a horse

Graceful Power by a cat


Windsongs of the Soul
Animal Flags
at "LifeWithDog"

Beautiful handmade flags to honor your animal and the love between you that never dies.

The flags hold special spiritual symbols with the main flag, personalized with your beloved animal's name, birth date and passing, being flanked by a paw and feather charm and the back of this flag offering a pocket for ashes, fur or some other special symbol.


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