Frequently Asked Questions

Patty Summers is available for private consultations by phone. Private consultations allow you to get your animal friend's point of view on such issues as health, behavioral concerns, or living in the spirit world. Patty is able to tune into the animal through the relationship YOU have with that animal. See our Consults web page for additional information.

Schedule Appointment: We now offer two ways to schedule your appointment.  (1) Use our “Schedule Now” button to pick your appointment date and time, make your payment with PayPal and receive your confirmation. Or (2) Contact the office to set up a session appointment by email or phone. (Leave a message, if there is no answer.) You will be contacted to schedule an exact date and time for your consult.

Morning consultations are available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Afternoon consultations are available on Monday and Wednesday. Evening consultations are available on Monday. Patty is not available for consults on the weekend.

Make Payment: When you use our new “Schedule Now” button, you can conveniently schedule your appointment, pay and receive your confirmation within 20 minutes. When you schedule through our office, payment may be made using the PayPal button on the bottom of the Consults web page or by check. You do not have to create a PayPal account to use your credit card on PayPal. A charge of $35 will be added for any check for which there were non-sufficient funds.

Number of Animals: How much time do you need? A general rule is that new clients should schedule enough time for each animal to have a minimum of 20 minutes each, more time if the issue is complex. If Patty already knows your animals, then 15 minutes for each animal would be appropriate. Patty will communicate with a maximum of three animals during a 45 minute consult or four animals during an hour consult. If you wish for her to communicate with more animals, please contact the office to schedule a longer consult.

Provide Photograph and Information: Please provide photographs of the animal(s) which show their face and eyes. It is helpful if you provide some general information about the animal(s), such as the animal's name, age, breed and gender. Also, what are your goals for this consultation, for example are there physical, behavioral or general problems, or does it deal with an animal that has passed.

Being prepared for the Consultation: It can be helpful for you to have a prioritized list of items you wish to be addressed during this consultation. It is not necessary to be with your animal(s) when you call for the consultation. It is necessary to be in a relatively quiet place that is free from distractions.

Phone Consultation: On the specified date and time of your appointment, you call the consult phone number provided to you when you scheduled your appointment (it is different than the office phone number). Thanks in advance for being respectful of Patty's scheduled appointment times!

Recording of Consultation: Although you are welcome to take notes, Patty will make a recording of your consultation and email you a link from which you may download an MP3 recording. (Emergency Consultations do not include the MP3 link.) Prior to the consultation, you may order a CD recording of the session for $15 within the US ($20 shipped outside of the US).

Email Consultation Session: Some people prefer to have a consultation through email instead of by phone. Email sessions are scheduled the same way as telephone sessions. You send photographs of each animal you want Patty to speak with and a letter or email describing the situations and questions you want discussed with the animals.  Patty will focus on the photos you send, communicate with the animals, type up the result of the session, and email the information to you.  The fee for an email session for up to 45 minutes with a maximum of two animals is $100. 

Fees: The appointment time is to be scheduled prior to payment. Payment is made in advance of the session online through PayPal or by check. The fee for phone and mail consultations is $100 for up to 45 minutes and includes a link to a downloadable MP3 audio recording of your consultation. The one hour consultation is $135 and includes the link to the downloadable MP3 recording. Emergency consultations lasting up to 20 minutes are ONLY available for established clients with prior approval. The emergency consultation fee is $65 and does not include an MP3 download link.

Cancellation of Consultation: We require at least 24 hours advance cancellation notice in order to refund your consult fee. There is a $50 cancellation fee if you cancel without at least 24 hours' notice or fail to call at the scheduled time.