Reawakening to Animal Communication


Communicating with your animals is now easier than ever! Haven’t been able to make a workshop, or want a refresher on ‘how to talk with the animals’? Neal Matteo and Wendy Cheung of Blue Highway Films, in conjunction with Patty Summers, have produced this “how to” video and documentary about Patty’s work.

For many of us today, this natural form of communication has simply been forgotten. Communicating with the animals has been utilized and is recognized in many cultures. Through “Reawakening To Animal Communication” internationally known animal communicator and author Patty Summers, guides us back to a remembrance of how to talk ‘with’ the animals rather than talking ‘to’ them. Patty will lead you through the basic steps, a guided meditation, and enlightening discussion that will likely have a profound impact on your relationship with animals. After viewing “Reawakening To Animal Communication” you will see and understand animals in a very different way.

Listen to what one viewer had to say: “I was so excited watching this program! When I did the meditation, I got completely clear answers from my cat. It was effortless and it really helped me to know what he wanted. I know now that it is possible for me to communicate with animals. This program is terrific!” AF Mt. Vernon, NY

Available in DVD, VHS and European VHS format.

Patty's Reawakening to Animal Communication is available for $22.00, plus shipping and handling. Virginia residents apply 5% sales tax.