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Animal Communicators

Mary File 207-423-3429 Email: Mary File Mary works as a holistic health practitioner and counselor.  
“I feel my purpose is to create a bridge between the animal companion and the human, and offer what I can to enhance the relationship between the two,” Mary File 

Sandy Rakowitz - Email: Sandy Rakowitz
A Holistic Health Practitioner for People and Animals.  Sandy is a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner who uses energy healing-medicine, a certified TTouch Practitioner for Companion Animals, TTEAM Practitioner for Horses, and Centered Riding Instructor.  Animal Communication, Therapeutic grade essential oils and Flower Essences are also integrated into her practice.

Tera Thomas - 919-742-5929 - Email: Tera Thomas
Consultations to deepen your relationship with animal companions. Soul connections: life purpose. Workshops, Flower Essences, and Reiki. She is the author of Opening My Wings to Fly.

Directory of other Communicators

Animal Communicator Directory and "Species Link" quarterly journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication
For additional communicators log on to animal communicator, Penelope Smith's web site.

Communicators Who Will Work With Lost Animals

(Patty's schedule does not allow for immediate sessions necessary to assist in finding lost animals.)

Donna Rosenthal 516-318-1970 Email:
Donna Rosenthal is a Lost Animal Specialist .  She works closely with animals and their people both at home and in the field to help reunite them.  Donna uses ESP, telepathy, clairvoyancy and an open heart to help guide her.

Listing of animal communicators who work with lost / missing animals.

Facilitators of Healing for Animals and People

Sandy Rakowitz - 434-973-8864 - Email:Sandy Rakowitz - See above.

Polly Lazaron - 434-295-9720 - Email: Polly Lazaron. Her intuitive, integrative energy work and spiritual counseling practice incorporates flower essences and other modalities. She is a certified spiritual counselor, and Reiki Master. She also maintains a medicine wheel for her animal clients and is a visionary artist.

Web Site for Holistic Veterinarians This web site has various information concerning holistic and alternative veterinary care, as well as directories for homeopathic veterinarians and veterinary acupuncturists.

Linda Tellington-Jones

Flower Essences - Help from the Plant People-Flower Essences

We all have energy fields which are comprised of many vibrations. When a vibration is out of harmony (we are overwhelmed, lethargic, fearful, grief stricken, jealous, etc.) a specific flower essence is used to bring that vibration back into balance. Flower essences are liquids derived from plants or flowers that work on a vibrational level to assist in restoring vibrational harmony. These natural products help restore balance with emotional, mental and spiritual issues which ultimately affected the physical. Patty often uses and suggests them in her work as she finds they help support the animal and their person in achieving balance and harmony. She finds flower essences a very safe and effective tool in such things as separation anxiety, litter box issues, fear towards certain things, changes in the home, etc. There are many "brands" of flower essences. The most common being Bach. Bach remedies are also the most easily obtained, and can be found in most health food stores.

Green Hope Farm Flower Essences

(one of Patty's favorites)

Animal Healing, Hospice and Condolence

Animal Healing Circle Spirits Evolving Ltd. Whether you need healing energy and support for your own animal companion or you want to share your energy with the animals in the circle, remember that sending healing energy is a very simple process:

Rita Reynolds - Email: Rita Reynolds Rita Reynolds is the author of Blessing the Bridge: What Animals Teach Us About Death, Dying and Beyond and quarterly journal laJoie. She provides individual consulting for those who are facing serious illness or death with a beloved animal companions.

Pet Prayer Flags A lovely alternative to flowers or cards when someone’s beloved companion passes on.


Shelley Lowell - Custom Pet Portraits


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