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Author of Talking With the Animals, Patty Summers, is an internationally-known Animal Communicator and currently provides communication workshops, as well as consultations, for animals and their human companions to resolve conflicts or to aid in communication.


Patty and her team are available for private consultations by phone (or e-mail for international, or non-English speaking clients).Private consultations allow you to get your animal friend's point of view on such issues as health, behavioral concerns, and living in the spirit world.


Please keep in mind, that Patty is regularly booked out by about 5 weeks, and the online schedule will only show the next 2 months' appointments.

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patty summers

Patty has been communicating with animals since she was a child and has worked professionally with animals since 1985: in veterinary practices, as a manager of pet supply stores, as an Animal Control Officer, and as an Assistant Manager of a humane society until 1995 when she began offering her skills as an animal communicator to others as a profession.Patty has received training in the Tellington T-Touch method, is a Reiki Master, and has studied several other healing and behavioral modification techniques that she finds helpful in her quest to promote harmony between humans and their animal families.A video, 'Reawakening to Animal Communication', and a CD, 'Communicating With the Animals', have been produced based on her work.

mattie coll

Mattie has four years of intensive education and communication work, including mentoring under Patty and participating in her live courses.She has a lifetime of deep connections and relationships with animal loved ones both in spirit, and in life.


Coming Back to the Table
(Level One)

Awaken your forgotten abilities to communicate with animals through an understanding of what animal communication is, and how it works.Additionally, you'll practice basic exercises to get you started in the magical world of talking with the animals.Return to a more receptive state of "hearing" as well as becoming more clear and focused on what you wish to convey.

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A Step Deeper
(Level Two)

You have opened the doors to your ability to communicate with the animals in Coming Back to the Table, Level One. Now, it's time to enhance your ability, a step deeper, with more extensive communication practice.Discover methods to improve your listening skills, as well as gain clarity on how to express yourself more clearly. You'll gain experience to help when communication alone is not enough.

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Diving In
(Level Three)

Sharpen your interpretation skills and learn more about the animal's perspectives as we discuss death, reincarnation, and communication with animals who have passed on into spirit.


• Coming Back to the Table, Level One
• A Step Deeper, Level Two

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Reawakening to
Animal Communication

I believe we all have experienced communicating with animals on some level at one point in our lives.This short course is an introduction to what animal communication is and how we experience it.Patty will also offer a few tips on how you can improve your communication skills in both sending, and receiving, and at the end, we will have a short experience in communicating with an animal.

Next Date to be Announced

Discovering Your
Spirit Animal
& other wisdom from the wilds

Are you a nature lover? Do you find the concept of power animals or animal totems interesting? The native peoples believe that we all have certain animals that walk along our life path to help us with our spiritual journeys.Come join us for this two-week class to find out who your power animal is through a guided meditation journey, and also how you can invite wisdom from the wilds on a daily basis, through other exercises offered.

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Flower Essences

Flower remedies have been valuable tools in my 25-year animal communication practice as well as in my personal life.This mini-course will provide information about flower essences (focusing on Bach and Green Hope Farm), when they may be helpful, and the various ways to administer them.You will have an opportunity to "practice" determining which essences may be helpful for three animals.As you learn about flower essences, you will be able to share your thoughts online and receive feedback from both your peers, and Patty.

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